At Chafin's Chair Caning, we provide a variety of services and always strive for the highest level of quality and customer service.  Let us restore your chair seat to its former beauty.  We hope to add upholstery to our services very soon!

Our services include:

Traditional Caning or Lace Cane - Chairs completed with this
material are characterized by drilled holes around the outer edge of the
seat.  Caning is achieved through a 7-step French method.

Pressed Cane - If your chair has a routed groove around the seat,
pressed cane will be applied and locked down with the appropriate size
of "spline".

Splint Weave or Flat Reed - Splint weave is typically 1/2"
or 5/8", but is available in smaller and larger sizes.  It is the
most cost efficient material we carry.

Binder Cane - Patterns woven with binder cane can be most
closely compared with the above-referenced splint weave.  Binder
cane, however, is a narrower material and is more

Rush and Seagrass -  Rush is available in natural or
fibre (man-made).  Rush seats are woven using a figure eight
pattern, resulting in a seat with four triangular areas. 
Seagrass can be woven in the same manner or in
a checkerboard pattern.

All pricing is quoted upon inspection of the piece.

In addition to chair caning, we also provide staining, minor chair repair, and minor restoration.